About Us

Our four neurologists at Pediatric Neurological Associates have many years of experience in treating neurological disorders in children. We are committed to providing each of our patients with the personal care and attention they deserve. We specialize in diagnosing and treating neurological disorders like:

» Seizures
» Hypotonia & Muscle Weakness
» Headaches & Sleep Disorders
» Cerebral Palsy & Tics/Tourettes
» Developmental Disorders & A.D.D.

Meet our Practitioners

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Dr. Casadonte in St. Petersburg, FL

Dr. Joseph Casadonte

Following his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Casadonte received his medical degree from Far Eastern University in Manila, Philippines. He then went on to complete a Pediatric Internship and Residency at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital in New York. His fellowship in Pediatric Neurology was finished at Schneider Children's Hospital in Long Island, New York. Additional accomplishments include:

» Board Certified in Neurology, with Special Competence in Child Neurology
» Member of the American Academy of Neurology
» Member of the Child Neurology Society

Dr. Andrews in St. Petersburg, FL

Dr. Ena Andrews

After completing a Pediatric Residency at the University of California in San Francisco, Dr. Andrews returned to her alma mater, the University of Michigan, to complete her Pediatric Neurology fellowship. The following are some of the professional advantages she brings to our practice:

» Board Certified in Neurology, with Special Competence in Child Neurology
» Training in General Pediatric Neurological Disorders
» Special Interest in Pediatric Sleep Disorders

Dr. Fernandez in St. Petersburg, FL

Dr. Raymond Fernandez

Dr. Fernandez received a medical degree from Tulane University in New Orleans, and then went on to complete his Pediatric Residency at Tulane Charity Hospital. He completed another Pediatric Residency at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, after which he finished his Neurology and Child Neurology Residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. His other achievements include the following:

» Fellowship in Neurology at Harvard University in Boston
» Board Certified in Pediatrics and Neurology with Special Competence in Child Neurology
» Director of Tampa Muscular Dystrophy Association

Dr. Vazquez in St. Petersburg, FL

Dr. Antonio Vazquez-Diaz

Dr. Antonio Vazquez-Diaz is a graduate of BS in Microbiology at the University of Puerto Rico. Following his Residency in Pediatrics in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he did his fellowship in Child Neurology at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and his Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship in Epilepsy at Miami Children's Hospital. Dr. Vazquez has a combined 7 years experience as a Pediatrician in the Air Force and private practice.

Yolanta in St. Petersburg, FL

Yolanta Sadlowski, PA-C

A native of Connecticut, Yolanta received a Masters in Microbiology from the University of Rhode Island. She then finished her training as a Physician's Assistant at SUNY, in Stony Brook, New York. Her past experience includes:

» Hospital Emergency Care
» General Pediatric Care in Private Offices

Margaret in St. Petersburg, FL

Margaret A. Nazario, PA

Margaret graduated from the University of Florida. She later completed her Physician Assistant training at Nova Southeastern University and also received a Masters in Public Health. She has been in Pediatrics for 6 years.

If you are interested in learning more about Pediatric Neurology Associates, contact us today! We have multiple locations throughout the region and serve on staff at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg and St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in Tampa.